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About Juppiomenz


The company:

Juppiomenz is a small game company in Nevada. We strive to make fun and immersive games for mobile and web. The owners/developers are Mokilok (Programmer), Seanfac3 (Artist), and Leesha (Social Media.)

The people:

    Mokilok is the programmer for our company. He is responsible for writing all the fancy code in the game well as keeping the game running smoothly.
    Seanfac3 is the artist of Juppiomenz. He was the mind behind all the cool creatures, backgrounds, armor and more.
    Leesha is a general manager and is in charge of lots of misc things. She's the third and final member of our team and is responsible for setting up websites, social media accounts, helping with art and design, managing chat moderators, business paperwork, and many other things.