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Update 8/11/2017:

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  • Update 8/11/2017:

    • Zombo Invasion! Work with your fellow players to defend the town from the Zombo horde!!
    • New Feature: Enchants! Find and identify enchants throughout the game to improve your character. Enchants can be aquired from Zones, Raids, Gauntlet, Trials, and event rewards.
    • Players will receive up to 3 free Enchants upon logging in this week based on their level. The level requirements are as follows:
      • ~ Level 25: 1 Common Enchant
      • ~ Level 50: 1 Rare Enchant
      • ~ Level 100: 1 Epic Enchant
    • New Bonus: Empower Chance! Chance for skills to be twice as powerful.
    • New Bonus: Damage Reduction! Reduces all damage received by a percentage.
    • New PvP, Trials, and Invasion events are now available!
    • Empower Chance, Damage Reduction, and Absorb Chance have been added to the character Info screen.
    • Two new Major Runes (Isa + Tol) have been added to the game.
    • Reduced the gold cost for upgrading materials at the crafter.
    • A new leaderboard for highest Invasion wave clear has been added.
    • Sort options for Familiars and Fusions will now display the color of the rarity.
    • You can now disable Battle Text in the game settings.
    • “Bonus” and “Reduced” battle notifications are now smaller, no longer have audio, and display in a different color.
    • Health percent bonuses will now regenerate an equal percentage of your missing health per combat phase.
    • “Damage Return” has been reworked and renamed to “Damage Enrage”.
      • ~ Instead of returning the damage directly, your unit will store that damage on themself as a bonus.
      • ~ Each unit can store up to 10% of their maximum health in damage.
      • ~ During your turn, you can use this stored up bonus to enrage your next ability, increasing its potency.
    • Various Grim Ward accessories have been adjusted to compensate for this change.