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    The Off-Topic thread has been quite silent, so let's talk about anime!
    I guess we can chat about any anime/manga you've seen, recommendations, discussions on characters, talk about currently airing or upcoming anime, or anything of the sorts.
    Expecting this to be a dead thread.

    I guess I'll start by asking what's your favorite anime series/shows. (Optional) What makes it special to you?
    Or what genre/theme you're into and we'll see how far this thread goes.
    Probably nowhere. ༾(◉◞_ゝ◟◉)༿

    Was about to post a random gif from the series with no context, but that would've had spoilers. So here's a spooky gif from the show.
    One of my favorite anime series I've watched (and anticipating for a new season) and able to re-watch many of its episodes is Gintama. It's mostly an episodic series with story arcs and has a main story/plot that I find amazing. If you plan to watch it, come in expecting nothing and the anime's 3rd episode is where the manga begins.
    To avoid confusion, the 1st episode is from 2006.

    Useless trivia:
    Eleven voice actors for Gintama (1 main, 5 recurring, 4 minor, 1 OVA characters) had also voiced characters in Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou/Daily Lives of Highschool Boys (11/23 from the character list with voice actors that Wikipedia provides). If you've enjoyed their voices, hopefully their involvement in Gintama reels you in. Along with Gintama's title character, Gintoki, being voiced by the wonderful Tomokazu Sugita. (Joseph Joestar from JJBA: Battle Tendency, Hidenori from Daily Lives of Highschool Boys, Karasuma from Assassination Classroom, etc.)

    So what's your favorite shows/series/genres? What do you want to discuss with other anime viewers? Or are you new/unfamiliar to anime and came here to look for a show that piques your interest or have questions?
    Want me to draw something in my terrible drawing style for entertainment, curiosity, or to see how bad it'd look? Leave a message!

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    My favorite anime of all time is Fullmetal Alchemist. Both the original anime and Brotherhood was amazing and I used to cosplay Edward when I was younger.

    I'm also a big fan of Miyazaki films with Mononoke probably being my favorite (Spirited Away being a very close second.)

    I don't really watch anime anymore (nothing really stands out to me) but I do kinda keep up with Attack on Titan.

    P.S. I remember starting Ginaima at one point but I don't remember why I stopped watching....


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      I like shonin type anime, Like dbz, bleach, naruto. But my all time favorite is one piece.


      • Shadwmoses
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        I've been planning to watch One Piece after reading far into the manga. Is the Dressrosa Arc worth watching? I've read that people had mixed reactions about it.
        ( 'o')

      • FabianT17
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        Mee too , One piece is my favorite of all time .

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      Dressrosa is an awesome arc if you been following the story. There's a new transformation in that arc and that's always epic. My favorite arc would have to be water 7. One piece started picking up a lot of fans after that arc. My opinion is new arcs will be confusing because there's a lot going on right now. Character development is great in one piece and its good to see how they got to the point there at.


      • Shadwmoses
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        Oooh, thanks! I'll check it out! ( 'u')

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      One piece is my favorite too , if u can recommand an anime like one piece i accept .


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        favorite of all time: hellsing ultimate


        • Shadwmoses
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          Oh dang! Who was your favorite character in the show?

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        I haven't seen as much animes that I would like to but I have seen a decent amount of them (I believe its around 30 animes that I saw). I do tend to go towards shonin based animes as well. I'm also the rare guy that actually prefers Dub over Sub, though I don't have any hatred towards Sub so I don't mind watching it in Sub for any anime that doesn't have a Dub or if it's not as caught up to it. This is a list of my top 10 favorite animes

        My Top 10 Animes:
        1. Bleach
        2. Dragon Ball Z
        3. Fairy Tail
        4. Naruto
        5. RWBY
        6. Log Horizon
        7. No Game No Life
        8. Overlord
        9. Attack On Titan
        10. Gate

        Well I count RWBY as anime. There is a large list of anime that I need to watch, and I think my first 3 that I'll probably start watching soon would be Konosuba, One Punch Man, and My Hero Academia since they are more popular and highly suggested animes.


        • Shadwmoses
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          I haven't watched Attack on Titan Season 2 yet, but read that it ended recently with a 3rd Season being greenlighted. ( 'o') How do you feel about it compared to Season 1?
          RWBY looks interesting! What would you say is its best qualities?

        • Darkrulerjoe
          Darkrulerjoe commented
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          Sorry I didn't respond to this, didn't see it lol.

          I haven't actually finished Season 2 of AoT yet, I started watching it and then kind of forgot about it. I have it as my top to-do list when I go back to watching anime.

          As far as RWBY goes, I really like the characters and I love how it's not just some show created by a large anime production team but a (pretty popular) youtube channel called Rooster Teeth. Currently there is 4 seasons out (or they're called Volumes) and you can see such improvements in the animation and style over each volume and Volume 5 is coming out some time in October. All of the episodes are on their youtube channel Rooster Teeth so anyone can watch it as well. If you are interested, I'd say watch the 4 trailers to see how the art style and fighting style is, the trailers are called RWBY Red trailer, RWBY White Trailer, RWBY Black Trailer, and RWBY Yellow Trailer. After that you can watch through the Volumes, and they have a Chibi series as well if you wanted to watch that after the show.

          Just a note though, the first Volume is a little rough at times, there is still some great moments in it but the show picks up so much as you go up in Volumes, though half of the episodes in the first volume are shorter to so it won't take long to get to Volume 2. In fact, I think RWBY Volume 1 is still on Netflix as 1 full video instead of seperate videos, and its only like 1 hour and 30 mins.

          Once you watch through the first 2 Volumes though, you will be hooked. I actually never saw anyone who didn't like RWBY once they gave it a chance.
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        • Shadwmoses
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          Thanks! Just finished the Chapter 1 character Trailers and the first episode , and got instantly hooked!

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        the only anime i watched was naruto xd