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My first year on Bit Heroes .

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  • My first year on Bit Heroes .

    Hello I have started the game the 28 november 2016 in 9 hours .
    there was only 3 zone , no gauntlet only trials , the PvP and the first raid .
    The best Guys was Panda , not a long time after the best was Blasian , a very good guy , after that TobeyG44 , and now i have not look .
    My first friend was lvl 142 , a very good help for the dungeon !
    I very like the start of the game , i was not playing a lot in the beginning.
    When the mobile version came out i have do 1 month after , i create a french guild because there was a lot of new french on the game , and t make mee staying on the game .

    My personnal objectif is to farm all cosmetic as i can , legendary fam +5 when i can , trugdor on t6 and why not on t7 if i am not dead .

    If there is people who play 1 years on Bit Heroes , that would be cool if they talk about there experienced , i am intersting if you are f2p .

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    I created my character around 400 days ago, so technically my account is over a year old, but I started it, played one or two days, made my Phoenix guild, then stopped for awhile (hindsight, I wish I had kept playing as I'd be 2 months farther in levels, but that was stupid me) I actually started actively playing 364 days ago, so tomorrow is my 1 year celebration!

    I never paid attention to who the top player was at the start, by the time I started paying attention to such things Blasian had taken over the spot, then TobeyG44, and now SSS1 is top.

    My first friend for progression was a [K] member, he helped me for awhile until my power went out one day and I ended up being unable to login for 3 days and I got removed from his list.

    There were no tanking accessories, and before Raid 2 released there was only one really geared up tank in the game, Fudge, and I will forever refer to him as the godfather of tanks because of it.

    Chat was was like the wild west back then as well. There was only 1 world chat, and other than the occasional pop in surprise from Zero and Xaezz (and of course the devs) it went unmodded, but since the player pool was smaller and we all needed to get along and work together, there was surprisingly little spam or filter avoiding or drama, especially compared to today. Back in the early days of world chat, when it was still just the first couple batches of player mods we would consider a day of 10 mutes a bad day, today anything under 100 would be a surprise. I was and still am very grateful to be one of the first players to become a chat moderator, and now, as of a few months ago, a forum moderator as well.

    I've done all this as entirely free to play, and aside from a few days here and there that were out of my control, I've played this game everyday for the past year, and I still love it and look forward to more years to come.