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  • Quiting Bit Heroes

    I quit bit heroes, am I allowed to give away my account? I'm not selling it just giving it out since it's got some good stuff on it. Spend over a thousand dollars on this shit. Leg pet/acc, full 30+ legendary t5+ enchants. (Most have 2 positive tank stats and some double dps and over 2100 ts. Will my account be ban if I give it out? This is clearly all hypothetical until I know the legality of this scenario.

    I've lost any will to play this game, it's empty and hollow.

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    I am sad that there is member of the forum who leave the game . Good continuation .


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      Nope, even if you give your account away, it could still end up banned.

      From the Kongregate Terms of Service:

      Account Information: You may not share or transfer your Account or your Account password or other access information with any other party, temporarily or permanently.