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More Friend Slots for Lv200, Lv300, Lv400, Lv500

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  • More Friend Slots for Lv200, Lv300, Lv400, Lv500

    The friend slot system is great. However, As you level it's extremely restrictive. I would love the ability to help more players, but cant!

    I understand that there must be a performance limitation to the friend list query so I'm suggesting that only higher levels get more friend slots. This addition should lower the total number of players that unlock the additional friend slots.


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    I very like the slot restriction , it make us more important lol .


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      I agree with tone there needs to be an increase, and Fabian please if that makes you feel special please achieve something in real life.


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        But it also puts pressure/spam on people at the top of the list. "Oh he has 2000 stats..i need him.. NOONE ELSE WILL DO BUT HIM" when really, anyone above 1200 will do. Sure it could help more people. Definitely.

        At the same time, the restriction makes regular players more important/when you do land that person more appreciative of who you have. Also they may know the "don't play in 12 hours and you're booted" thing a lot of players seem to have. Which in a roundabout way, "oh i don't want to lose _____ so i gotta play" is getting them to play the game. Riiiiiight?


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          We don't need more slots , we only need to know if our freind using us and i know some people with 1400 ts + and with more than 50 slots , when you are famous it's normal to have somme difficulty with spots , i am less famous but i got a little queue too . It's not a problem . People who want to have good friend got it .