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Silver Santa event...for christmas.

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  • Silver Santa event...for christmas.

    I was talking in the guild again...and got another of my "brilliant" ...ideas. As always, bit long, and ramble-y

    With events being what they are, and starting to seem more p2w to get the best/top stuff. Let's let everyone win for christmas - Enter, Silver santa.

    In this event (either for the guild, wb, or an invasion type) - vs silver santa. Why silver? many reasons -
    This mel'guin bot..well, the melvin gets festive once a year, and decided to tweak his robot to be very special."" --- Possibly a silver melv'guin with the hat, (and sunglasses...because cool needs sunglasses, and it's from the arctic)..
    Or a combined effort (fusion type) with the new J3-17 mixed with a melv'guin to make M3L-T4 (mel-ta, mel santa) or S3N-T4 .. S3N-T01 ...santa bot.. Red plates for the outer (suit) with a mel at the center in a santa hat.
    One attack - reaches into a bag (akin to olxa/olxaroth) and tosses out a random item for an attack. (heals the enemy, bombs..slow..different effects. I'm sure we've all seen a game with something like this).

    What makes this raid good for everyone? the rewards, and that it's "silver' santa, not just a pun for being a robot -> but for the rewards, and requirements. At this point (besides hackers, and credit card warriors it seems...) some of the older/more loyal players can probably make r4 normal or hard so - the goal being, a hard level boss for each tier. so that those worried of making heroic for each tier have a chance. 2nd place/silver/silver santa.

    As for the rewards. 1-5 giftbags with a chance at rare stuff (never knowing what you'll get for christmas) - a chance at mythic stuff as well...albeit veeeeeeeeeeery 0.01 percent chance..or .1 ...enough to make it a chance, but not likely if at all. (another - "Oh a level 30 got this! WAAA) moment, but, the goal being something where everyone has a chance (not a "if you buy enough you'll have a chance) but a real chance, know what i mean? For the giftbags. + some rom chips, doubloons or whatever for each tier.
    AND -> to up the fun (and gambling hehe) have different rewards tiers for each tier. I mean the gift bags are related to tier 4-7, so we can get 5 at 5k contribution for tier 6, 5 tier 7 ones for 5k at tier 7...5k at both gets 5 bags at each level.

    And, you could also add in a "white christmas" effect, where your guy has a little snowstorm/walking through some snow maybe as a reward for certain contribution.

    Also..another option -> if it's a guild based boss battle..have the contribution shared between the guild (yes some can be carried) or averaged out...but this can be a "everyone together" event for rewards, and averaged event where everyone wins at christmas...sorta.

    Anyway, the main idea - random bags that have a chance (small) at dropping mythic/everything (altho not likely who knows), and the level of the boss be hard level ("silver", second place) as a boss, ...or have the drops be a set (always attack 2 hp 'second wind' live...can't do more damage then down to 2 hp (so you get one more attack, before being wiped out) ) My wording seems to be bad and rambling but i think the idea's here.

    Gift bags, robot/silver santa (hard level) and puns on being second/second place...and however it's implemented something where we all (without buying/being top of the top) can get good (but not game breaking) a sweater you don't want..but has some use.....anyway, rambling done - idea's there, silver santa for christmas! Please and thanks ^.^

    Wanna add this ..mostly for humor, and possibly to get more of the idea across - Forgot to add ------

    Inspiriations for the idea -- Santa from futurama, z4d4 and other similar 20 energy dungeons (when 3rd is the one to progress, an extra, not max but nearly there cost for a special dungeon type idea, already have a "second place" costs with extra rewards..hence my long description trying to add onto it) -- melvin bots -- a pic i saw "ea fires plants vs zombies creator for declining P2W option -- and ....playing (too much) .hack GU the last recode, with the mecha grunty event
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