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  • First Trial/Gauntlet pass of the week

    Each week at the beginning of a Trial/Gauntlet the first run is automatically set to the top level. After wasting 5 badges getting killed by the 2nd or 3rd battle it goes back to the level I was on during my last battle there. I know to check that but it slips my mind every week. Couldn't it be coded to go back BEFORE the first battle not after?

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    That literally happens to me all the time! I am on the same page with you. I only forget because you do it once at the beginning and that's it.


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      Just leave the poorly programmed "game"


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        I don't think the game is poorly programmed. I think there are minor tweaks needed to make any game better. It may be a matter of a few seconds it takes to check that before will slow it down over time when it doesn't need to. Not sure why it's programmed the way it is. There may be a valid reason it doesn't check before your first round. I just think it should check first. Especially if it isn't a good reason not too.


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          Using items is a cluttered mess, there's an extra unessessary process showing you what you used after using it. Combat animations bug out frequently, sometimes so hard your stuck in the animation even after changing zones. Chat is an obsolete clump of dookie, it's "built-in" spell check is horrendous. It bugs out on my phone the most out of any issue. Chat needs a complete overhaul in-game. I could go on but I lost my will to care about this game.