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All my guild suggestions .

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  • All my guild suggestions .

    Hello first I apologize for my poor english , some people think that I'm a stupid because I have difficulty to write english well .

    I will not give credit on my suggestion because I think of these suggestion alone and I will not credit because someone thinks like me on discord...

    I've watch the most of these (suggestion) about guild that I can say that it's waited since a very long time !

    -People should be able to see all guild ! Instead if they are on a guild . (1)

    -Not very important but if we can classify the guild by lvl or language . (2)

    -Be able to see a description of the guild that is made by someone in the guild who's allowed to do it . This point is very important because we have a chat and a discord dependent because we have to always say what the guild offer and what the member need to do in exchange . (3)

    - We should be able to have a message of the day (announcement) on the guild. (I actually need to private message each of my member when i got something important to say.) (4)

    -An option that is not the most important but I like it , personnal rank with personnal color and permissions , with a limit I think , like discord. (5)

    -We should be able to speak on guild chat during fight , put a fourth channel on world chat should be an option , i know that we have to accept the rules of the chat . (6)

    A lot of people asked for these suggestion , it started 2 years ago ! Lot of these suggestion don't have negative point. So it's only good things to do , there is a lot of time that [devs] only work on more content when there is still technical point to work for a better game ( :/) . Put a like if you want these too .

    Credit : Liiiight for english assistance .