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    I played for 17 days total game time now. Reached L114, got a full maxed T7 equipment set. All there is left is total farming and/or grinding to get enough rom bits to upgrade the T7 setitems I have. Sure, maybe there is a raid 5 soon, but that would only put out the T7 equipment and after collecting T8 everythings the same.

    I have got 55 familiars out of 213 it says. I do not really nead anything else anymore. Sure the legendary familiar fusions would change something with pvp but more or less game fun experience came to a sudden total stop for me. It was really tricky to conquer Z6 but all in all it was not too easy but too fast and there were not enough different things to do. Things like investing player ressources in guild upgrades or unlocking things by fulfilling certain tasks like getting this, this and that familiar in the guild stables, collecting together with guild members unlocking possibility to catch more and different familiars or item upgrades etc... many possibilities to give the game more different ways to play than just autoing away to only farm-hope for the next T7 leg item.