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Offerwall. I have suspected of deception some offers

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  • Offerwall. I have suspected of deception some offers

    Hello! Anyone tried offerwall? Yeah? And anyone tried cooking dash or Ramsay dash offers? Looks good, right? 5.5k gems for only 20$. Or 1.6k gems for only 3$.
    So look. First time i tried to complete an offer with cooking dash: Clicked on an offer, downloaded, maked minimal purchase (starter pack)... Tried to make. And then i get purchase error. Okay, then i contact local support to provide my purchase and sent him TIME and GPA. So after that he gave me resources like in starter pack, but not starter pack because ironsource still cant check completing my offer.
    With Ramsay dash same situation. Yeaterday i tried to buy 35 gold (minimal requirements to complete an offer (3$)) and then i get an error. AGAIN. Today sopport agent sent me the same amount of resources. Nah, he didn't provide my payment, because everyone knows that you can't do the same purchase till you complete previous. Same situation is here.
    So i'm pretty sure that GLU or 3rd party just deceive us all. Why? Other offers was good and easy.
    Devs, Admins, please help me or just delete GLU offers from offerwall. They're just scammers.
    That's all.

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    Thanx for answering ********
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